St. Nicholas Avenue

Bushwick, Brooklyn

Residential conversion

Integrating the old and new in this dynamic neighborhood, Melamed Architect converts a pre-war church into remarkable boutique residential units. While maintaining the arched beams and stained glass of the original structure, Melamed Architect creates an addition with modern unique character. Flooded with light from large windows on all facades, the space preserves the tranquility and peace of its former use. A brilliant example of how a modern structure can interact gracefully with an old structure to create a beautiful and coherent building!


Multilevel design-driven units include: 

  • Unit sizes range from 1,000 -2000 Sq.Ft

  • Duplex units with private garden

  • Full floor unit with 2 bedroom, 2 bath

  • Triplex penthouse with private roof terrace, 3-bedroom, 3-bath